French with Liz

French with Liz

3 hours of French tuition in the morning, Monday to Friday with sightseeing in the afternoon

Arrival Sunday afternoon Departure on Saturday morning
All meals included

for 990 euros per person

Next date is French Intermediate starting  Sunday 18th June 2017.
Groups of 3 minimum with a maximum of 8 students


Getting the dates ready for the Winter season Immersion Courses – I would love to have tailor-made small groups and you could choose gastronomy during the December – January

and February months  with visiting the Ste Alvère Truffle market , with a few nice gourmet surprises! Don’t hesitate to form a group and ask me for some specific weeks!

Spring time will be French and Cycling ….

Book in advance!




Teaching French Pronoums

Teaching French Pronoums